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Sharing Mailbox on exchange server for multiple accounts

Hi Guys,
             Hopefully this is an easy one as I am very new to Exchange Servers. Just had one installed and in the process of getting to go live (friday).
             We have the accounts department Jill Smith, Joan Burnes, Julia Biggles, which all have their own email addresses Smithj@...... , BurnesJ@....... but we used to have an accounts@..... email address which they all use. Is there a way to set this up on Exchange Server 2003? So basically they have 2 mailboxes in their outlook one for personnal then another for the accounts@... address?
Thanks for replies
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Assuming that email address is already created you can set outlook to open the second address.
Click tools>options>mail setup>email accounts>change>more settings>advanced.
Where it says open additional mailboxes this is where you add your second mailbox.  Also the right security needs to be given.
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No the accounts email address isnt setup yet. Very new to exchange, the way we've been creating new/ammeding email addresses for people is to browse the AD then right click on the users>>properties>>email addresses>>add new. But doing it this way only lets one person have the email address.
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Ok cool ill give it a go tomorrow at work, its been bugging me. Ill let you know how i get on. Thanks for your replies ryansoto!
Morning RyanSoto,
                             I created a group in the AD called techsupport and added myself and a collegue as members. The email comes through fine, but i was hoping to have a completely separate Mailbox like the image.
RIght, managed to work it out just in time.
I had to create a user, make the accounts@.... email address apply to this user.
I then logged on as the user, shared the mailbox and inbox etc and gave a group that i created (with all the users in - GRP ACCOUNTS) permission level "owner".
I then went to the machines and did as you said - Tools > email accounts>change>more>advanced and added the accounts.