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Problem during system bootup

During system bootup I get the message "lsdelete program not found - skipping autocheck".  The system will then start normally.
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From what I have seen this is due to a bug in  Lavasoft Adaware which causes this error message after the program has been uninstalled. The fix below seems to work.

After Ad-Aware 2007 is uninstalled via Add or Remove Programs . . .

1.) Click on the Start button, then click on the start menu item called 'Run'

2.) In it's text field type in REGEDIT, and click on the OK button

3.) In the Registry Editor, on the File Menu bar click on Edit, then on Find, and type in BootExecute (and search for it)

4.) Once BootExecute is located, and selected (highlighted), on the File Menu bar click on Edit, then Modify

5.) In the Value Data box, manually delete ONLY the entry called: autocheck lsdelete
(Note: Do NOT change any other AUTOCHECK information)

6.) Exit the Registry Editor

7.) Restart the computer and all will be back to normal

* It is always a good idea to first make a backup of the registry, before making any changes to it. *
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I have Vista.  I ran REGEDIT.  I found approximately 5 entries with the word BootExecute in them.  Additionally, on the File Menu, Edit - there is no option to Modify.  I need to right click and then I have the option to Modify.  I did not change anything.
Lastly, there was no entry called "autocheck lsdelete".  Where do I go from here?

Should I search the Registry for Autocheck instead of BootExecute?  If I re-install LavaSoft will this fix the problem?
How do I know if someone got my last posting?  How long does the typical answer take?  Will I be notified of a response?
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Hi Roger-Thronsedt coming to your rescue
I suggest you check the startup group.
Manage startup programs in Vista using Windows Defenders Software Explorer

Stop A Program From Running At Startup In Windows Vista

hope this helps you
First, the message was seen at Bootup not when Windows started so "startup" programs were never involved.  
I searched the registry for lsdelete.  I found 2 BootExecute references and changed them both from
BootExecute autochk * autochk lselete to
BootExecute autochk *
in the value field.
Sorry all slow responses
probably re-installing Lavasoft will solve it, how did you uninstall it previously
 your error indicates something is still there?
Did you just delete it?
prior to uninstalling check the services are stopped first.
Which version of Ad-Aware did you have?
here's a guide to remove it
uninstall and reinstalling ad aware 2007

 reading from these covers this error hope it helps you.
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