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Printer shares and local client printers in Citrix PS 4.5

We have a server based application that will only print to printers defined in a UNC naming convention.  Currently this works well (most of the time) in Terminal Services, however we are currently migrating to a Citrix PS 4.5 environment given the headaches with TS.

In TS, when a user is connected to our TS, we can share that person's redirected printer as \\TERM_SERVER\local_client_printer and when they log back on, the server will remember to share that printer so as long as there isn't any of the usual printing issues that are common in a TS environment like Event ID 1111 errors, etc...  Easy enough...

I need to do the same thing in Citrix PS 4.5 where the server based application can continue to print to \\CITRIXSERVER\local_client_printer - so that every time someone logs onto Citrix, the printer will be available as far as the application is concerned.

Now, I don't have a lot of experience setting up a Citrix environment where printing is an absolute requirement - but looking over some of the documentation available on Citrix's website, there are some printing options such as Auto-Retained printers, etc.  There's also a need to change a setting so administrators (like me) can go and create the printer shares on the server, rather than having the end-user try and do it.  The documentation doesn't offer much step-by-step or guidance on where these settings are.  Looking in the registry on the server under HKLM/Software/Citrix, there is no printer folder.  

Assumptions:  I have no control over the end-user's environment - they're all accessing our system via the internet using any number of printers that are out there - either connected locally or via their own network.  But the expectation is when they connect, that print jobs are sent to their local printer via the UNC named printer in the application.

I know where I need to get there, but the path isn't very clearly marked and need some guidance.

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