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How to compare only date in SQL Server 2005

I want my result set in SQL to be selected on a specified date. So my storedproc has specifiedDate parameter which is of type NVARCHAR, and I convert my datetime colum to a NVARCHAR with the format 104 ( I do this because i don't want the time part in datetime to be used in the compare statement.
Her is an example of the SQL Where clause:
WHERE convert(nvarchar,ChemicalUsage.TankChemical.RegistrationDate,104) <= @SpecifiedDate

But since I compare to strings, only the first to digit in the date format (my date format are are compared. For example if specifiedDate is '01.03.2008' a row with date '02.02.2008' will not be returned since it only compare the two first digits.

I have also another question:
How can I get the row with the date nearest to the specified date?
For example if my @specified date parameter is '04.03.2008', and in my database I have two rows one
with date '01.03.2008' and one with date '03.03.2008', I only want the row with date '03.03.2008' returned?

Thanks for any help!
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Sean Stuber

use datediff   to find the number of days between two dates.  and then use MIN to find the smallest difference

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Göran Andersson
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Hi, thanks for the answers, the first question is now solved, it got like this:
WHERE ChemicalUsage.Stock.RegistrationDate BETWEEN @SpecifiedDate AND @SpecifiedDate + 1

I am still striving on my second question which I will elaborate.
I have a number of tanks which all have chemicals. I have three tables, tank. chemical and tankchemical. In the tankchmeical table i have tankId, chemicalId and registrationDate, so a tank could over a period of time have had several different chemicals on it.On a specified date I want to se the stock for all tanks and which chemical is on the tank, but I only want the chemical with registration date nearest the search date. The query I have now gives me all chemicals with registration date less than the search date, and I only want the nearest one....

DECLARE @SpecifiedDate datetime;
SET @SpecifiedDate = getutcdate()

SELECT ChemicalUsage.Tank.Id AS TankId, ChemicalUsage.Tank.TankName AS TankName, ChemicalUsage.Tank.TagId AS TagId, ChemicalUsage.Tank.ManualRegisteredTagId AS ManualRegisteredTagId, ChemicalUsage.Chemical.ChemicalName AS ChemicalName
FROM ChemicalUsage.TankChemical, ChemicalUsage.Tank, ChemicalUsage.Chemical
WHERE ChemicalUsage.TankChemical.RegistrationDate <= @SpecifiedDate AND
         ChemicalUsage.Tank.Id = ChemicalUsage.TankChemical.TankId AND
         ChemicalUsage.Chemical.Id = ChemicalUsage.TankChemical.ChemicalId