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ASP.NET webpage with MultiView loads so SLOW??


I have this webpage with gridview which displays about 1000 records and the page loads pretty quick.

I have another page with one menu control and one multiView control with two Views Control.
Each View control contains a Panel with GridView init.

The size of records is about 1000.

It loads extremely slow. It takes about 4-5 mins.

I am using the panel for the scroll down control.

Any idea why it is loading so slow?
Thanks much.
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When the page loads I disabled one of gridview, it loads a little faster.
It stills takes a couple seconds.

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How to hide the view??
I don't see the property. There is visible property for MultiView but not View control.

If you do it in code behind, you should be able to set visible on the View control by referencing its ID.
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I tried something like MultiView1.Views[0].Visible = false but it didn't like it.
It said something like it needs to be set from the active view.
Hmm, I just tried it and I guess you can't do it like that.  I know that RadControls has a multiview which doesn't render the views which aren't active, but I'm not sure what they do since I've never looked into it.