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Recover Emails using Message ID

A user was having a problem with his outlook not receiving or sending files. There were multiple instances of it running on his Laptop and once the non-responding program was closed it resolved this issue.
This was like that for 3/4 days and all of his incoming email is there and working correctly.
He needs to recovered all of his sent email as he needs record of all of these emails.
There were message ID's created and according to the tracking successfully made it to the SMTP server.
I need to recover these 3/4 days of sent emails back into his mailbox.
Is there a way to find the email by it's message ID. Or is there a spot in the exchange store where these can be found?
Help is greatly appreciated!
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Ok, that sounds good. He unfortunatly is gone away on business now but i will test this out on Monday.
Sounds like it will work though.
Thanks a lot!