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Novell logon problems - PC gets stuck on black screen

I have a number of IBM Tablet PC's that I am running on a NetWare 6.5 environment with ZenWorks Desktop Management 7. I am having a problem when I try to log into the PC through the Novell client. The login is accepted, but then I get a blank screen with a live mose, but no cursor or anything else. The PC willstay in this state until I force a power off. CTRL, ALT, DEL does not work. CTRL, Shift, Esc does not work.
If I login with "workstation only" checked everything goes fine.

Any Suggestions?
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What version of the ZFD client are you running?
Try isolating the problem by removing ZFD from the tablet and see if you can log in.

You say you're able to log in with workstation only, what happens after you do this if you then try to log into Netware using the Novell Login option from the client? (right click red N, choose Novell Login)
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I am using ZFD
I am using Novell Client 4.91 SP3

If I try to login to the Netware services after logging on as workstation only, I am recognized as a valid user and the login scripts run. I then have access to all my connections.

Interesting point, If during the Novell login process I check the tre and context, the tree shows OK, but the context  errors:  "Could not find any contexts for the tree"
Quick update...
I installed the Client 4.91 SP4.   Did not change the symptoms.
Update #2

If I uninstall the Zenworks Desktop Agent, reboot the PC  I can log in through the client normally. I can then reinstall the Zenworks Desktop Agent, and reboot the PC and the login still works fine.

Problem  is, I have over 200 tablets to image and then make work. Time constraints obviously keep me from taking this procedure on each one. And then the tablets will function well for a few months, and the problem will return.
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We had to tinker with (and disable pieces of ) the goofy fingerprint reader software on a couple of Lenovo tablets we just got to get NetWare logins to behave "properly".
These are Lenovo X60 tablets with fingerprint readers, but students do not use the reader. They hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and use the client login manually.
What pieces did you disable?
Mostly, we un-installed the s/w related to the the finger print reader.  I don't remember the names exactly.  We also learned DO NOT disable the reader in the BIOS; we couldn't login in at all after we did.
Still no solution.   Can anyone suggest what to try next?
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