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Dynamically Load Radio Button List

Hi all,

I am attempted to load a radio button list dynamically on page load based on the results in a database table, and have succeeded in doing so; partially.  What I am after is, my database table has 2 fields - ItemText and ItemValue.  I know that if I manually enter the ItemText and ItemValue in the buttonlist, these 2 fields are available - see "Items" property and Collection.  The code snippet below work, but I only get to load Item Text, not item value.  My reasoning in doing so is that the users don't understand the values, so I am giving them an understandable text to make it more user friendly, but I need the value for my insert into another table at a later time.  Needless to say, I am not a fan of hardcoding anything as items change from time to time, and I would rather fix this while I can at this time as opposed to putting it off to later.  Thanks and take care.

For Each tRow In tTbl.Rows
        RadioButtonList1.Items.Add(tRow "ItemText").ToString)

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Jeeva Subburaj
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how about this
r Each tRow In tTbl.Rows
        RadioButtonList1.Items.Add(new ListItem("ItemText","ItemValue)).ToString)
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Thanks!  Worked like a champ!