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Using Wordperfect on a Vista Machine

OK reciently I upgraded a computer to Vista 32bit Business Edition. The user uses Wordperfect and not Word.

Whenever they open an existing document or create a new document the porgram stops responding upon closing the document. This happens when closing by file close; Ctrl+F4; or clicking the X on the document and not the application.

Originally this was happening on WP Office X3 with SP2; but I removed this and tried Office 11 and 2002 and had the same results.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?
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WHat version of wordperfect is installed?
have you tried the Corel's patches for Vista OS?
Hmmm sry, didnt read the version and SP2 part, my bad... your version should be supported.
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Currently I am back to X3, and yes all of the vista OS patches have been installed.
Try running as administrator, sometimes it helps
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Yes the user has admin access to the local machine
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You Rock! Run as Administrator on the application did it!