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IIS application pool monitoring

We have a 3rd party ISAPI web application that appears to be somehow corruping its application pool.  It is very random as to when and why the app pool gets corrupted, but once it does, we have to cycle it.  Unfortunately this usually happens in the middle of a busy work day and recycling the app pool in the middle of the day is not an option.  We have also scheduled the app pool to recycle nightly, but this doesn't help.  The corruption seems to happen intraday.  We have installed ADPlus which will log more detailed errors.

I'm not an IIS expert and I vaguely understand what the app pool is for (isolating processes, etc.)
What I am wondering is... Is there any way to look inside the App Pool during the day when it is running normally and see what is actually going on in real time?  is there some sort of app pool monitor that will show me how many objects are being referenced or what dlls are being called, etc. ?

As I said, this is a 3rd party app. We are working with the manufacturer to help troubleshoot, but they haven't found an official answer yet afer several months so I am looking for anything at this point.

Thanks, K.
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