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Deleting an array element in a string


I'm trying to do detect the first ocurrance of a Character/phrase in a string with strpos:

$string = "ad3432XabcdefgXadasdfXsdfsdfsdfY";
$pos = strpos($string,"X");

Then, I want to DELETE all the characters in the string up untill $pos, so that the character I'm looking for is now $string[0];

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Hi hernst

Thanks, that seems to be working OK -

Can you just help me with one last thing:

in my example above,
$string = "ad3432XabcdefgXadasdfXsdfsdfsdfY";

Let's say it is:
$string = "ad3432XabcdefgXadasdfXsdfsdfsdfY123456787";

With your help, after applying the code, $string will now look like this:
$string = "XabcdefgXadasdfXsdfsdfsdfY123456787";

Now, I'm trying to chop the last bit off including that it looks like this only:
$string = "XabcdefgXadasdfXsdfsdfsdf";

You might try this. Maye the -1 is too much, or to less
if (strpos($string, 'X') !== false) {
   $string = substr($string, strpos($string, 'X'));
if (strpos($string, 'Y') !== false) {
   $string = substr($string, 0, strpos($string, 'Y')-1);

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