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Word Perfect Printing to a non default printer cannot get it to print to the default

I have 3 users in a work area who are printing to an HP Laser Jet 4250tn using WordPerfect. It is their default printer and they have always been able to print directly to that printer via Word Perfect without any problems.  Beginning late yesterday afternoon one of the 3 users reported that when they attempted to print to the default an entirely different printer ( HP laser 4100) appears as the default. By the way the HP Laser jet is located at another office on the WAN.  This morning the 2 other users in that work area are now having the same problem.  Also when printing from Outlook or Word all is well and the default printer works.  I have looked at all settings on the printer at server level. I did notice this morning that the default printer in question Laser Jet 4250tn which is named W_Hp4250 on front was renamed to simply the number "2".  Any suggestions would be helpful   Thank you.
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