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desktop icons rearange by them selves

Ok I have a few end users complaining about there icons rearanging after they set them up how they want them. I have check and the auto-arange is not checked. Also probably worth noting is that all the users have KVM switches. We do run citrix apps here also but the person Im mainly refering to a user is seeing it on her local desktop.

Any ideas????
Im almost done for the day I will check back in the morning.

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Right click on desktop> Arange Icons By>
Tell us what you have selected? or can you post a screen shot?
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check for any spyware's on the system,,, check for rany duplicate user profiles for the same user,,,if possible try to remove the system from the domaina dn rejoin it.
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Did you check whether the Autoarrange option is enabled (Ticked). To do this right click any where in the desktop, choose arrange icons by and check the autoarrange option. if it is enabled then disable it
does the user ever connect back to their pc using Terminal Services - mstsc?

If so, this can rearrange the icons to fit the remote screen.  

I don't think the KVM would cause it, but for simplicity, can you have a user work without one for a while and see if the problem goes away?

hth, Danny
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apache09: Align to grid and show desktop icons are selected.

sk_raja_raja: We dont use roaming profiles

and235100: I will give this software a try after I try all other possiblitys I really hate to add software to fix this unless completely necessary

shasunder: Its not checked

DanCh99: She doesnt use mstsc . I dont think that the KVM has anything to do with it ether. I talked with her and the last time it happened she was away from her PC for a while and it locked when she re-logged in her icons were re aranged. This is her local desktop not her citrix one.

Thanks for all the input I would appreciate anymore ideas you may have....

if not Add try "iconoid" once when you Save the desktop, it'll restore it for you. It does a lot more too.
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I gave and the majority of the points because he was first. Sorry it took me so long to close this I was hoping for a soluton that didnt envolve any 3rd party software.