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After repair (XP Home) i get a error: Set up is being restarted.

XP Home installation was working but had a few OS problems, did a OS repair (boot to CD then repair, Not recover). The system went through the copying files stage then rebooted. At this point i get this error:

Set up is being restarted.  Windows XP setup cannot run under safe mode. Setup will restart now.

It is now a loop.. I can restart the pc it says setup is continuing then i get the error, I can boot to CD and go to repair again, it say setup is running and to re-boot, again same error.

I booted to the recovery console and did a bootcfg /list

How do it get out of this loop?
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it may be a bad hard drive. if possible try to install it as a slave in a test machine and do a chkdsk to make sure to fix all errors.
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You try reinstalling windows over the top of your current installation?
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I tried to re-install over the top but when it re-boots i get the same error.
can you afford to format this hardrive ? and then install ok
I'm pulling the data to another drive now, the only user i cant seem to access it "Owner" all other user data is moving over ok. Any info on getting to the "Owner" data?

see me previous comment about using a Linux live CD to access account-locked data, there's a reason it's called "NTFS". Brownie points if you can guess what that is? (hint: it's been an in-joke in developer circles  since WFWG)