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Coldfusion testing server that supports PHP

I have been using the CFMX7 developer version with the buil-in JRun webserver installed on a windows XP machine. Most of my scripts are written in Coldfusion but occasionally I need to use some PHP and I now need a way of setting up my CFMX7 developer version to support PHP scripting so I can test both .cfm and .php files within the same site. Has anyone managed to set this up? if so, how?

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James Rodgers
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not sure why you would want to do this but you might be able set up the cfm extension to be processed by the php dll on windows, but i think you can only have one processor per extension. however, i would recommend against this you dont know which one will execute first in which circumstances, that is would the cfm code be processed then the php or would the server process the php then the cfm, then on top of that once you know which one is executed first will it always be that way? what if you move the code to another server how will it process the code?
there is very little you cannot do with cfm, perhaps it would be better to let us know what you are trying to do as we could probably provide a suitable cf solution.

You need to use a real web server rather than the built in one for the developer version of ColdFusion.

Install Apache, use the web server configuration tool to hook CF up to apache.  Install PHP and enable the appropriate apache modules to get PHP working with apache.

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Hi chaps

thanks very much for your comments.

@jester - I should have said - I don't really need to use php and CFML within the same templates - just within the same site - this will allow me to use and customise php scripts that have been written by others and save me the hassle of re-writing them in CFML

@ghedwards - this looks interesting, will have a look thanks, but I don't know if it's really what I'm looking for - I would like to just have one webserver to support both cfml and php rather than get into editting 3rd party php code to place it into custom cfx tags etc

@Mr Nil - thanks - this is more like the approach that I would expect - could you possibly recommend which version of Apache and point me in the right direction for info on how to configure it so it will be acceptable by the CFMX7 application server - I have tried this once useing XAMPP but couldn't get CFMX to use the Apache server
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Thanks Mr Nil - I followed the XAMPP route with Apache 2.2 and it s now working perfectly