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Error when loading a Perl script in IE "The Page Cannot Be Found"

I have inherited the maintenance of a web-site that has several Perl script pages with the extension of .pl
On my development site locally where I test the changes I make before uploading to the hosted site, I get an error when I execute/load a specific page, but I do not get the error on the live hosted site.  I have copied all of the files exactly as they are on the hosted site back to my development site and it still will not work locally.  I have tried reading through the Perl Faq's and documentation but I am lost and hopeless.  What should I do?
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Are you sure you have the files in the correct directories?
Does IIS have access/permission to those directories?
One or more of the .pl scripts likely references a file using either a Linux path, or uses a path relative to the web server's document root.

If you check all above then disable "Show Friendly HTTP Errors" in IE Advanced settings, you'll
probably see a HTTP status code (or  error message)
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I checked IIS and discovered that on my development site, I did have CGI extensions prohibited.  When I allowed them I get a different error regarding a missing ODBC driver error in reference to an Access database.  Now that the scripts are running, I think I can troubleshoot the individual errors like this that pop-up.   Thanks!