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Firebox CSS bug The product images not showing up correctly

Hello Experts

I built an e-store using a zencart template and everything seemed to have worked properly with all the site's content having loaded satisfactorily until I opened the site up on Mozilla Firefox on my Windows computer. For some reason, the site randomly loads the images wrong in the products listings pages. Rather than an organized row by row layout, the alignment of the items frequently and very randomly become scattered and in some cases appear right on top of each other when the page loads. The page has to be reloaded for the content to appear properly. This doesn't only happen with the product listings but also with the images populating the homepage. You may not see this at first but if you scan through the categories and homepage briefly, you're bound to see it eventually. Like I said, this only happens on Firefox and it is almost certainly a CSS issue resulting probably from hacked combinations of OScommerce & zencart code.

I usually use firebug for debugging in firefox. If someone is going to help, it can be useful.
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The link is attached with the problem.
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