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Deleted emails from blackberry not showing in Deleted emails in Outlook

I have Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 Server.  At this point my few blackberry users (5) are getting their emails downloaded from our OWA.  Everything is working good.  I have not installed BES yet, we are deciding if it is needed.

I have one user that has complained because his normal practice is to delete his emails and then never empty his Deleted folder from Outlook, so thus he can always go back to retrieve an email if he needs it (he is the president of the company, what I am going to do?).  It now appears that the way our blackberry's are set up that if you Delete an email from your Inbox from the Blackberry it is gone.  Can this be solved the way I am set up or do we have to look at getting the BES (I have seen that it can be done from the BES)?
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Thanks.  That's what I figured I was going to have to do.  Right now we just bought five of the 8830 for evaluation.  If they like them they will buy 15-20 more and then we will get the BES.  Just making sure my intuition was correct.  You can delete an email from OWA and it will go to your deleted folder, but OWA with 2003 is basically Outlook 2003.  You are right it is basically POP3, and it doesn't know where to put the deleted email so it deletes it.
BES will by default place all device deleted items into the "Deleted Items" folder on Outlook.  Also when you go to BES you will get full wireless sync of email, calendar, contacts, notes & tasks.
Thanks, looks like a BES is in my near future.