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How to setup IP address and hostnames in DNS

Hi.. I work in Sydney based company, and our office in Germany has asked me to setup our DNS with a list of IP addresses and assigned hostnames. My experience in DNS is very limited so I am unsure how to actually do this ? We have 2 DC's running Windows 2003 Server Std.
Thanks in advance.
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On the Server with DNS installed you will find DNS under the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools.  Once opened you can create new domains on the left hand side.  Inside there you will create A records for each of the new hostnames.

Check this out for more info...
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when i clicked on our domain name on the left hand side under Forward Lookup Zones it brings up a list of A records on the right hand side. So do I need to creat a new domain name under Forward Lookup Zones and add all the A records there?
If I understood: They asks to create only few 'A' records in existing domain.
You can also post their request, except pc names and ips.

Sergey 'dreik' Kolesnik
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yeah I don't think that's what I am meant to do.. if i right click under our existing and select new host (A record) , then if I put in one of the hostnames they have given, then the fully qualified domain name would be which is not valid. So from here I am assuming I need to go through setting up a New Zone under Forward Lookup Zones, but I could be wrong, and am unsure how to configure it anyway?
No, you're completely right. Proceed with creating new New Zone under Forward Lookup Zones folder.
For help you with zone creation i need following info:
1) do you've AD?
2) do they've AD?

And i'll repeat to make this clear can you please post their original request?
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Yes we have AD, and I'm assuming that they do (they are much bigger branch than we are).

This is the request (sorry I didn't see it clearly in your previous post):

"I am one of the administrators in the IT department of Company-Services and I am resonsible for some network issues fo example.
We try to simplify the access to Company intranet called ComNet
Users are able to access over the Internet till now. In these cases they always respectively needed user name and password.
But the access can be also directly over the VPN connection to Germany. No access data are needed.

To do this the following entries are necessary in your network.

Please set up your DNS.>>>>

I have replaced names with "company", "comnet", "anothername".

Thanks for your help.
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can anyone help with this request?
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It's ok I've worked it out.
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