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Two Subnets and One Domain Setup

I have two subnets one is... and the other is both with a 24 bit mask. Currently we can set up and use computers on both of these networks and connect to our domain how ever when joining the domain instead of type just the name of the domain aka "hdq" we have to type the full domain name on the 10 network aka "" for it to see the domain. I am just curious if I need to add both the subnets to the "sites and service" on my domain controller. Also I have a backup domain controller would it replicate over to that one?
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I have looked over both of these but still do not understand why any computer on the network which was added a year last, cannot resolve "hdq" alone, but need the full domain name when adding it to the domain.
If you only have a single site,  it doesn't really matter if you create subnet objects and associate them with sites in AD Sites and Services.

If you had two sites configured to represent geographically seperated domain controllers,  then most definitely you would want to create subnet objects and associate them with their respective site.

The netbios domain name relies on a netbios broadcast to resolve.  If you do not have WINS installed,  the broadcast cannot cross the subnet boundary you have.  So the netbios name will work for any clients that are on the same subnet as the domain controller.  The FQDN will be necessary for anything tring to hit it from another subnet as netbios broadcasts are not routed.

If you have a second domain controller in the domain and replication is working,  yes any changes to configuration you make in sites and services will replicate to the other DC.
cannt resolve the name alone ? === > dns configuration for that machine ?

waiting for your reply
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