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Admin unable to open ACL for a Lotus Notes database

I have a user mail database that was originally set-up, but it appears the Domino Administrator was not added to the ACL at time of creation.

When I try and Manage Access Control from Domino admin I get, "You are not authorised to perform that operation".

I really need to get admin access to this account so I can manage it.

Is there another way to achieve this?
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Excellent solution, very straight forward and easy to follow.
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I am also having this problem. I tried the above but the full access thing never worked. It said that I don't have full rights to the mail file.
Can anyone please help?

There are couple things required for it to work.

Your name should be listed as a full access administrator on the Security tab of the Server document
You need to close mail file before enabling full-access administration.
Also, check notes.ini on the server. If variable  Secure_Disable_FullAdmin=1 in in notes.ini, Full Access administrator feature is disabled, you will need to change Secure_Disable_FullAdmin=0 and restart the server