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Get mailboxes/messages from Recovery Storage Group without ExMerge

On a Windows 2003 server running Exchange 2003 SP2, the First Storage Group is backed up via NTBackup. Can you restore that to a Recovery Storage group, and if so, can you recover mailboxes without Exmerge? I have multiple clients with multiple mailboxes well over 2GB.

I have read KB824126.
I have read numerous google search results. Not many mention mailboxes over 2GB, and if they do they recommend filtering by date. This is not beneficial to me.
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You may have to do the following.

Restore the backup then mount it to a recovery server.  Connect to that recovery server with outlook 2003 or higher and do and export of the entire mailbox (calendar, contacts, inbox etc...).  Outlook 2003 allows the pst to go larger than 2 gigs and as such you will now have a pst version of that users mailbox.  Now you can either user outlook to import into that other account by connecting to the valid exchange server and use the import feature or you can use exmerge.  

I have had to do this a few times in the past with no issues.
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But I would need an additional server. The clients are all small companies, no budget for a "backup" or "recovery" server.  

Good info though.
you would need something to load exchange onto to mount the databases in a recovery mode, is this to assume if their first server fails or if you are attempting to mount the database to recover a specific email that was deleted but backedup and their current server is otherwise available?

Assume their server hosting Exchange is fine. A user deletes a folder with 1,000 emails from his mailbox. 2 months go by and he wants them restored from backup. I have an NTBackup of the entire storage group from the day before he deleted them.  I want to load that backup into the Recovery storage group and get that folder back into his mailbox. Assume that folder is over 2GB.
you can mount a second copy of the same store on that machine for recovery purposes.

then create a dummy account in AD and connect them to the mailbox on the recovery and follow the above directions
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The easiest way to do this(first post) - use Ontrack Power Controls utility.
That only allows for exporting the messages to MSG or TXT, which requires additional conversion, but it would work....but it's $1000.