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Questionnaire builder

Hi guys, basically what i need is an application where u can define a question type, number of fields etc, whether its true or false, or contains an image with the question and so on, a questionnaire builder, and then the question types are stored in a database once complete, does anyone know of any scripts that can do this?


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You ask for application or for script?
A questionanaire/survey/poll builder is not a trivial script.
Either you have to buy a ready to use product or you have to develope your own version piece by piece in a long process with all database, scripting and browser problems.

At least I do not know where you can get such a complex application for free.
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Well what i need is if you could point me even to a tutorial to create a quiz, i thought there might have been some open source projects out there like this?
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I have certainly achieved the same with them before. Give them a look.