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Add 1 to a numeric field in MS SQL Server 2005

I have this working but it adds 2 and not 1 why??
The linkClicks field is numeric(18, 0)

<!--#include file="../sqlcon/db.asp" -->
      Response.AddHeader "Pragma","no-cache"

      strSQL="Update links set linkClicks = linkClicks + 1 Where linkID =13"
      Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
      objRS.Open strSQL, objCON, 1, 3

      objCON.Execute strSQL      
      Set objCON = Nothing      
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Your SQL command gets called twice.
First, when you call Recordset.Open()
Next, when you call Recordset.Execute()

Remove the statement "objCON.Execute strSQL" (and also your extra "objCON.close" statement) and it should work as you expect.
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Anthony Perkins
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You're right about the recordset being needless, acperkins. Actually, I was simply pointing out why oksum73's code wasn't producing the desired result. :)
I agree with you.  It is just that it might have confused the author when you mentioned the Recordset's non-existant Execute method, so I was trying to set the record straight as to the correct way to do it.
Oh, sorry! I only now noticed I'd put it down as "Recordset.Execute()". My bad.