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What direction should I take to expand my knowledge of Java

I have been a java programmer for some 4 years. I support a web site. I am self taught in everything. I have done java 1.4, javascript, java beanshell, JDBC with a 3rd party clients methods that creates the sql for you, some hibernate (read only) , a little ajax, poi, jasper/ ireport, jsp's with a 3rd party client tag library (which does everything but its thier way), html, app is running on tomcat, ide is intellij. sql server is the db.  
I feel I need to know more of the java world. Ex: JMS, RMI but I am not getting it in my real world.
The java world is big and I do not want to learn it all but there most be parts of the java world that you can recommend that would complement what I already know.
So I am asking for opinions from you experts on what I should learn on my own that would make me more marketable.

Thanks for your Time,
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Do you want to stay in WebDevelopment or you want to go into the direction of Java Enterprise?
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I do enjoy WebDevelopment but I think I need some Java Enterprise to go along with it. I took care of the server side of the code also. It happens to be many java classes but no ejbs, no rmi, no jms ect...
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Hey logudotcom,
I have done some hibernate (single table reads). I dont think it would be to complicated to learn. I have done some AJAX. I created in my system asynch calls to the server. Is AJAX a bigger world than that?
I have done. My system has its own tag libraires. Can I assume the same of JSF?
Can I assume the same of JSF?

>> JSF could be compared with Struts well... JSF is a future technology to go with Web 2.0 ...
Personally, at the moment, I am playing with:


You may find some of them interesting (and a slight departure from core Java, whilst still staying with the JVM)
now the talk of the industry is SOA... ESB's are the backbone of any SOA architecture...

Check out openspourced ESBs from Mulesource, JBoss...

there are lots of AJAX based java webframeworks too...

take a look at the below docs,