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Kasperski Internet Security and Winamp

Upon installing Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 (KIS) on my pc with Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit), WinAMP 5.52 will no longer connect to the Internet for such features as XM Radio by AOL.  Obviously there is some setting in KIS blocking WinAMP from connecting - yet I've been unable to find a solution to my problem on either the WinAMP or Kaspersky forums.

Any thoughts?
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Kaspersky INTERNET Security provides you with a local software firewall so it is blocking that outbound connection. Within Kaspersky locate the Firewall settings and allow WinAMP to bypass. Wish I had steps for you but I use NOD32. Sorry...
This should be it:
Settings > Firewall > Settings > Rules for Applications
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I've tried and confirmed that - WinAMP is set to allow any TCP and UDP connections.  Perhaps there are additional options I need to allow, however I've been unable to find what these features are.

I'm also thinking it may have something to do with either the ad blocker or Web Anti-Virus - both of which have extensive options to allow or disallow traffic; as far as I know I've set everything to allow traffic through.  It is possible WinAMP requires a number of ads to come through before it allows connection to AOL radio - but which ones I have no idea.

What happens if you disable the firewall? Just want to confirm it's the problem...
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Try using an older version of winamp i found updating my version the access to shoutcast nolonger worked either couldnt stream anymore.
Also it's bets not to use beta versions.
I stayed with 5.33
Just to add since I have always used winamp, is winamp your default player?
There is another question running here with problems playing XM Radio by AOL you need an account to use XM radio
you must login to their site and use their player only.

it doesn't require any special settings to enable internet access streams in winamp
in general
select your internet connection
Always on
dont specify a proxy your internet should be auto.
No other internet settings here.
under playback
dont tick 24bit
tick> allow surround sound and use dither
Under video all ticked bar
my screen has an aspect ratio of..
unticked syncronised video to screen..
check in the predixs musicmagic under shoutcast wire >connect to server is ticked
is set to auto
>test connection.
no tick in proxy.
That's all there is.

test your  winamp streaming using my favourite stream site soma FM for winamp
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Yes, WinAMP connects perfectly well to AOL radio if I disable the firewall feature of KIS.  It also plays streaming conent with the firewall disabled.  If I first disable KIS, start WinAMP and begin to play AOL radio, then re-enable KIS - WinAMP will continue to play.  However, by just starting WinAMP with KIS already running blocks the connection.

What I'm really after here is if anyone happens to know what ports WinAMP connects with.  If not, I suppose I'll have to wait another week or so for a dev on the WinAMP forums to reply.
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Adding WinAMP to the Trusted Application list did the trick.

Thanks again.
exellent, nice and easy solution.