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How to migrate AD data from old to new server

I just got a new server and I am looking to make it the primary domain controller, and then make my current server a secondary domain controller.

How do i first migrate the data before making this controller a secondary?

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You will need to promote your new server and have it become a domain controller in the existing domain.  You then need to transfer the FSMO roles from the old server to the new one prior to using dcpromo to demote the old server.

You will also need to make sure you migrate any other services, like DNS, DHCP etc before you turn off the old server for good.
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Sorry, just realised you will be keeping the old server, but as a secondary DC.  Once you promote the new server, just transfer the FSMO roles and it will effectively the the <i>primary</i> DC
yea...the only thing is that i am changnig the name from bilskygroup.local to
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Why are you changing the domain name - you shouldn't be - your Active Directory domain name should be .local.
i get different opinions from everyone.
Ok - and WHY are people telling you to change it?  What arguments are they giving you?  Are they claiming you can't run websites or host e-mails as a .local domain?  What's the logic?
no real my current domain i use .local and .com seperately,  but everyone keeps telling me both.
Renaming a domain is a complicated process.  There is extensive documentation along with the tools you will need available here:

If everything is working for you now then I wouldn't bother renaming the domain.

Info on domain naming and DNS considerations can be found here:
ok...then i guess i will just keep things the same.
So your going to change for nothing?  that's the worst reason to change it.  There is NOTHING WRONG with using .local.  Microsoft frequently recommends it and in their demos often uses "contoso.local".  You CAN use your internet domain, but if you're not careful, you could have problems with your DNS.
Reference this... you already are using a recommended method, so why change it?  Why create more work than necessary?
i just said above that i wasn't going to change anything...just make the new server the primary.
If you look a the time stamps, you'll note that I likely (and in fact didn't) see your post regarding staying the same.

You should also understand that there is no such thing as a primary.  Everything is a DC.  There are FSMO roles but in theory, you could have some roles on one DC and some on another... the end result is two Primaries - if you want to consider FSMO roles to be THE designator or "primary".
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See answer

read this - just ignore the last part where i mention demoting the old DC

And as for domain names - if you are going to ever install exchange 2007, avoid the .local domain name, there is problems with SP1.....        matching the external and internal domain is a more and more appealing path  - i cant install exchange 07 SP1 becoz of this.....i have a .local domain name and given my time again, it would be .com

dont rename the domain, you will break it :)
i think i am going to just start the domain from scratch...but i am going to use the others agree that i need to use only the .com domain for all?
its an ongoing debate - .local is my pref, where a matching external and internal domain name is supported 100% by exchange 07 and SP1
that's the plan...keep my current setup.
i am sure they will fix the bugs though so man, its really a much of a muchness - avoid the work if you dont need to do it :)