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Microsoft, Exchange 2003 - Changes on a Distribution list have not updated on the Global Address List

I have made some amendments to a Distribution List in Exchange 2003. The changes made involved the removal of 4 contacts from the list. The adding a differant 4 contacts and finally amending the email address of one of the members. Each member of the distribution list has been setup as a External Contact within Exchange 2003.

The changes made to the distribution group were done on the 4th March at around 12:10pm (UK Time). I have checked this morning (5th March), but the changes still have not filtered through to the Global Address Book. Please Help.
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Ciao - Thanks for your reply on this matter. Just after posting this, I suddenly realised the error of my ways. I hadn't Established the Email address of the External Contact through Exchange Tasks. Apologises about that, but thanks for your quick response.
Richard Pallister
Thanks to Ciao for the real quick response. I realised the error of my ways shorlty after posting the question.
Nothing ;-).