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Vacaction message / forwarding

Hi, a client wants to use a vacation message. To say he is not in for the moment. And that a collegue will answer questions for him.
In outlook there is an option in the extra tab -> wizard vacation

Here you can type in a message to be displayed as an autoresponder?
Also you can add a rule to like forward mail to an other user or so.

I have done this for our client. The mail is forwarded to the other user no problem.
But nobody receives the vacation message. What needs to be done so this could work?
What can I check to see things are correct?

Best regards
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Brian Pierce
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Do you mean the out of office? Tools-->Out of office assistant.. (here you can find also some rules).
Let me know..
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Yes it is the out of office assistant that I use. Didn't know what the exact translation in english was.

@KCTS I have added  allow out of office response option now. I'm testing it right away and let you know.
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IT WORED thank you so much!