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I need to disable CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+TAB, ALL WINKEY, anything that will allow access around my kiosk application in vista. I have it setup for a survey and cannot allow further access unless the admin (me) enters a password. I would appreciate a cut & paste code. Thank you.
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Will disable all win keys - Registry File
here is how you can trap them by code so they can be allowed as soon as your program ends or as your code allow them back.

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if the reg key works. it can be done by code too.

waiting for your reply
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None of these was are working to capture CTRL+ALT+DEL or any other key for that matter. I could be doing something wrong where I place the code but it all appears to be correct. Thank you.
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I don't know about Vista, but there is a registry hack that works in WinXP:
can you capture the cursor keys using that code ?

That did not work in Vista. Cursor keys? I will need to keep the mouse enabled.
the arrow keys , tab , home , alt+tab , win key ..

were you able to capture any key codes using that code ?

take a look at this link

hope it works for you

waiting for your reply
some suggested

Delete "taskmgr.exe" in Windows\System32
If you want to delete any window triggered by "CTRL+ALT+DEL"

for vista , but i would go for the first link first.

waiting for your reply
I need to keep all of the keys working except CTRL, ALT, ESC, F1-F9, PRT SCR, SCROLL LOCK, PAUSE, WIN. The code doesn't seem to work for any of the keys. I will be contacting Microsoft today to see if they have an answer.

Thank you!
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I believe I am on the right track thanks to you. The project has been canceled. I appreciate all of your help. I will be awarding Smart_Man the points for this post.

Thank you again!