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Eye movie clip " watching " the mouse arrow scripting


I want to create a eye to see the mouse arrow no matter where the mouse arrow moves. I sort have an example but it does not working right. I wonder if any experts can solve the problem ? I wish the eye can move smoothly. Also, The file must be the same and can only modify the code....


Thanks a lot

- B -
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Aneesh Chopra
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here is the fix:

replace following complete code:

//eyeball teack mouse
this.onEnterFrame = function()
      xdist = _root._xmouse+_x;
      ydist = _root._ymouse+_y;
      _rotation = Math.atan2(ydist, xdist)*180/Math.PI+90;

replace it with following:

// updated eyeball teack mouse
var point = {x:this._x, y:this._y};

this.onMouseMove = function()
      Xm = _root._xmouse;
      Ym = _root._ymouse;
      Xdiff = Xm-point.x;
      Ydiff = Ym-point.y;
      radAngle = Math.atan2(Ydiff, Xdiff);
      this._rotation = 90+radAngle*360/(2*Math.PI);
I have used "onMouseMove" instead of "onEnterFrame", because "onMouseMove" uses less system resources as compare to "onEnterFrame"
its on personal choice, you can change "onMouseMove" to "onEnterFrame"

output will remain same.
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Hi, thanks for the code. I wonder if it is possible to make eye rolls like normal eye. The current eye is just rotate around.... Thanks :)
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Aneesh Chopra
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