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VPN connection between 2 sites keeps dropping and now will not work at all


We've got 2 sites that both have a Netgear FVS318v3 that has the latest firmware on and have set up a static VPN tunnel between them that has been dropping out. It now will not connect at all.
The main router (Lan IP seems fine but the other end (Lan IP will not work, it has been working on  and off.
I've gone onto the VPN status option and under 'action' it gives me the option to connect which i've done but the state just shows as 'phase 1:M-MM_SA_WAIT / Phase 2 IDLE' and the 'TX (Bytes) just shows as 0.
Does this look like an authentication issue and if so why has this sometimes worked and sometimes not.

Any pointers would be great.
(I have rebooted both routers for your info)
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I am having this same issue.  Did you ever get this problem fixed.

Please let me know I'm stumped!

has there ever been a resolution to this?
we are experiencing an identical problem.

thanks in advance.
please help us to sort out this problem ASAP ...........