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User cannot connect to Exchange 2003 mailbox or OWA

Network info:
We have a dual Exchange 2000/2003 system, part way through a migration. The domain is 2000 with the 2003 server and exchange schema fully applied. Our 2000 server is on a server 2000 DC, the exchange 2003 server is on a 2003 member server.

All users on Exchange 2000 are working fine, and following public folder replication I have put a handful of users on a 2003 server to test functionality.

Yesterday my own account couldn't connect Outlook or OWA to the 2003 server, today a colleague is having the same issue. All other network access and logon is working fine. The other two users on the 2003 store are also fine.

Best practice analyser has reported no problems, we've also tried a password reset (no luck). The store is up and running and by watching the item count on the problem account, it's definitely receiving email no problem.

How can I troubleshoot this?
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Try connecting via OWA - that will eliminate any client issues.  If OWA works, then start looking at DNS or replication issues.
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OWA also refuses a connection. I've also tried another workstation, same issue.
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