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How Do I Decomission a Flaky Domain Server

I have a network with a handful of domain servers. One of the domain controllers has been shutting down intermittently without any indication in the Event List.  This DC was my DHCP and DNS server and also had all my FSMO roles except one assigned to it.  I have moved the FSMO roles to a different DC.  I have also moved the DHCP to another. THe DNS, I came to find out, was AD-Integrated, although, when I do an "ipconfig /all" the faulty DC is still shown as the DNS server. Anyways, when I down the faulty DC, my network slows to a crawl and addtionally, yesterday, when it went down in the evening on it's own, we are losing internet access. We have a Cisco PIX for firewall duties and use Cisco for routing duties. Any ideas about what I am missing?
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Thanks for the quick reply. I had already moved the DNS and DHCP static settings on the other servers. I think the global catalog may be the issue. I have addtional catalogs configured but they were at remote sites that are connected through T1s. How would this have affected the users access? I am sure it is critical but obviously I didn't understand the full impact that it would cause.  Also, after setting a local server as an addtional catalog server, how does it take to propigate? We have about 150 users.