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VLAN Strategy

How does VLAN works in terms of security?
Or what should I work with, regarding the discussion below?

I have a DFL-800 that I'm about to configure for three networks. Maybe four networks. But one broadband. Those network should have difference access to each other, but the main point is that the all networks should be isolated from each other - except that they use the same broadband. An another smaller router, connected to DFL-800 is separating each network. I plan to use the DMZ for one of the networks.

This question is set to 500 points because I think it will be some follow ups and discussion around my final configuration for this.
I need established and well known formed answers for making this correct.
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Hi stsonline,
Thank's for answer. Good. So my final approach in this is to configure the VLAN's and get the end point routers talking to the DFL800 and let the firewall rules making correct decision.

Is that correct if I understand that's a bad idea to configure a DFL800 in this sort of environment for computers? Which means connecting a regular client computers network & server & printers directly to the DFL-800 whithout any routers in between.

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I was telled that this task can't be done directly to the dfl-800 because the LAN device inside is hardware-bridged Which means a VLAN-switch need to be attached to the router, to handle the routers VLAN-support.

I'm not sure that's so nice, but OK.