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Folder Redirection or Roaming Profiles?

I have a server 2003 Network and wondering which is best: Folder Redirection or Roaming Profiles.

What I want to do is:
1)Desktop wallpapers roam with the user
2)Any files placed onto the desktop is backed up on the server and is also available on every machine they logon to
3)If a user deletes a word doc from their desktop, then no matter what workstation they logon to - it is gone.

Any suggestions?


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so are you saying to redirect my docs only and then setup roaming profiles for each user on their profile tab?

if a user adds something to their desktop, would it be available on all machines and if they delete it would it be gone from all machines.

i have over 1500 users, is there an easy way of implementing roaming profiles without having to create a folder for each user first and setting the path on their user account profile tab?

If you are using roaming profiles,  the profile is pulled down from the server at logon.   The changes made to the profile while logged in occur on the local workstation.  Then when the user logs off,  it will copy those changes to the network path.

Then if the user logs in at another system,  it will pull the latest profile down to that worksation and so on.

However,  if a user logs in to computer A.  Makes changes to the desktop and without logging off,  logs into another computer...say computer will not see the changes that the user made on computer A because computer A hadn't yet logged off to upload the changes to the profile folder on the network.

When creating the roaming profile share.  Create a folder called,  lets say,   profiles.  Share the folder.  Give everyone full control with the share permissions.  In the NTFS permission,  give Domain Users "LIST' permissions.

Then when you configure the user's account in AD,  point the roaming profilet to \\servername\share\%username%

When they log on, it will automatically create a subfolder named the same as their user account.

Roaming profiles are going to use more bandwidth than folder redirection though.  Because with folder redirection it isn't copying the profile back and forth.
You can set the path en masse by searching AD for all user objects (or particular ones based on where their profile should go), viewing the Properties of the multiple selection of user objects, then entering \\<server>\<profile share>\%username% as the profile path. %username% is replaced with the username of each user.

As long as the users have NTFS permissions to create folders on the share and you set "Everyone" in the share permissions to Full Control folders will be created automatically when each user logs on.

You should probably configure Desktop redirection if you're using that - in most cases though I tend to lock the Desktop down to encourage users to save documents to their My Documents folder instead.

This allows updates to be seen instantly on every computer and by redirecting the main offender - My Documents - out of the profile you will prevent it from becoming too bloated in size.