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The failure description was "11204"

We are running out an emergency roll up package to all our client machines on our SMS system and about 50 of them are failing with this error

Severity                            Error      
Type                  Milestone
Site code                            DUK
Date / Time            05/03/2008 12:44:22
System                  ADDGB5L004320
Component            Software Distribution
Message ID            10007


The program for advertisement "DUK2008A" failed ("APC0001A" - "Microsoft Update - APC - 6 Month Emergency Package"). The failure
description was "11204".   User context: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM    Possible cause: The program generated an installation status
Management Information Format (MIF) file with a status value of Failed.  Solution: For more information about the failure, refer to
the documentation for the program you are distributing.

Is anyone able to see what the problem is? All machines are XP SP2 and are installed from the same image so most are running fine, just these problem 50.

Many thanks
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Nuno Martins
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Have you created a new scan tool package recently or changed the name?
11204 is actually a status message number for a status message generated by the patch installation agent on the client. You could view the patchinstall.log file from one of the clients to see exactly what the error is?
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I have had a look through the patchinstall.log as you said, it seems that the update is failing. Log output is attached. I'm fairly new to troubleshooting SMS but found 'hRes = 0x80040400' and assume that its not that good.

Thanks for your help so far...

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Nuno Martins
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Thanks for the help. Worked perfectly. My boss thinks I'm a hero!
That why we are here ;)