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Aliasing DNS zones

Hello all,

With the DNS server in Windows Server 2003, is it possible to create aliases of zones? For clarification: we have a zone ( which has several records (www, mail, ftp, etc).

The company also owns the domain names and etc. We would like to configure the other domain to alias the primary ( zone. The result would be, any lookup for would automatically return

What we want to avoid is having to create multiple duplicate zones (with differing names) and having to create and maintain identical records in all domains.

I believe this can be done with BIND, but we are using Windows DNS for this. Is there a similar fuctionallity

Any advice appreciated,

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Frank McCourry
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Thanks Frank,

I am aware of CNAMEs, if that is the only way to do this, then we can configure that.

I was hoping that we could alias the entire domain, I guess it is not that simple!

Thanks again,