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Exchange server setup with 2 different ISPs


It's a small office (10 computers) with Windows 2003 SBS R2 Premium, Exchange and T1 line from Savvis. Recently we had problem when T1 went down for almost 2 days - besides of missing Internet, we were not able to send and receive emails which affected our business. This incident rose question about backup ISP - say, slow xDSL line just to be able to send and receive emails when primary line is down. We have old Riverstone RS3000 T1 router with switch connected to dual WAN Linksys RV042 which I believe can be set to switch to secondary WAN port in case primary line is down.

So now I need help to setup DNS for my domain (and probably the router and/or Exchange or something on Windows Server 2003) to work with two ISPs (and two different IP addresses). I believe I will need to add secondary IP address to domain's DNS records but I have no idea how MX records should looks when two IPs are in use. Also, do I need to change anything on server side or all the necessary changes are on the router and ISPs DNS records? Please advise.

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oh yeah - if you control your own DNS - then it's a fairly simple task - if your dns is outsourced, get a hold of your provider and get them to make the changes



I have access to DNS records and can do changes. Do I need to change anything on server side?
you shouldn't have to, so long as you can attach to either MX record from an external connection and send mail into the system you should be fine

you can test this by configuring Outlook Express (or any other pop3/imap/smtp client) to send via the ip address (or fqdn) of each MX