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Exchange 2007 rollout

Hi There

I am about to rollout out Exchange 2007 in my company. I and planning of using MS Clustering.

I have 2 nodes (node1 and node2) connected to a MSA1000 Controller with 12 300GB disks in.

What is the recommended partitioning for Exchange 2007. I have a System Volume (c:) at 146GB mirrored but have not setup any of the two nodes.

I have installed Windows 2003 R2 x62 fully patched with HP SmartStart so my controller is ready to be Raided and partitioned.

I am currently running Exchange 2003 and want to join the new Exchange 2007 servers to the current environment, move all users onto the new exchange cluster and the decommission the exchange 2003 servers, so I will be running a mixed environment for a while.

I also have a standalone server which I will use for OWA access.

Any recommendations?
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I recommend you to use a RAID-0 partition for your transaction log files (which should be located in seperate partition from your mail databases) , this will increase performance anormously. In additon Raid-0 doesn't provide fault tolerance , you should ensure that your backup plan is working perfectly.
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Hi, Thanx  what I am looking for is the best partitioning solution i.e:
d:cd rom
e:200gb  transaction logs
f: 1tb  mailboxes

and what the best way installation for ms clustering is?
Yes , this example looks well , but it depens on your company's habitats , you should expect usage of exchange server as an IT Administrator , this is part of your job ;)
What is the recommended partitioning for Exchange 2007?
For example you have 2TB of space ;
C:100MB for OS
D: 1TB for mailboxes
E: 900MB for tlogs and etc.
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