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Wireless solution needed for restaurant

We need a wireless hotspot router for our restaurant.  The ideal situation is when our patrons open their web browser, they are taken to a captive portal and need to enter in their email address before getting out.  Does anyone know of a device that can accomplish this?  Thanks!
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These DLink devices will give you a great deal of control over who is on your wireless.
Both M0n0wall and Pfsense support Captive Portals and have for a while now...but Im assuming your looking for more of a turn-key solution as opposed to a build your own?
You mght look at They provide a custom welcome page and you can provide a password for them to enter. As far as asking for an email it won't do that, and I am not certain what will unless you do a custom portal.

Search for "Captive Portal" and Hotspot (cjili hotspot comes to mind) and etc.

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