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Outlook 2003 calendar meeting notice disappearing from multi users

I have 2 enduses that are reporting that there calendar metting notices have disappeared. But they will be onthere PDA phones. Others can look at there shared calendar and see the meetings but onthe local machine the meeting is gone. We run in cached off of exchange 2003. I have look at the local box and the exchange server and I have not noticed any errors to speak of to hep direct me in a proper direction.
Things I have tried was to re do the profile and reinstalled office 2003 and SP3. The meeting willfall off in 2-3 days of being set.
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Thanks I'll tak a look at links and get back to you on this.
Still working on these like suggestions on how to fix items disappearing off of outlook calendar.
I remade the profile and reinstalled office 03 plus SP3 and all is working alright