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Exchange 2003 IMF issue

I have an issue with a client's exchange servers not moving email with an
SCL rating which exceeds the set IMF values into the junk mail folder of
some, but not all, users.

The client has two servers, one public facing with no mailboxes on the
server, one behind the firewall with mailboxes.  They are not fully in
Front/Backend configuration as of this moment.  They are running GFI
MailEssentials on the public facing server and GFI is configured to raise
the SCL value of an email it determines is Spam to 9.

I have run the script to reveal SCL values in outlook and can see that Spam
email does have an SCL value of 9.  For some mailboxes this does move it
into the junk mail folder, for others it seems that regardless of the SCL
rating the email is delivered to the inbox.

I've been working with one of the client's employees and have verified that
junk mail filtering is enabled, both in his outlook and via OWA.  I also
verified that he's running Outlook 2003 and it is in Cached mode.

I've seen references to the Information Store being restarted after changes
to IMF are applied but the references are old and I am unsure whether they
are still valid.  I have restarted the Information Stores on both servers and have not seen any improvements with filtering.

Other than restarting the services what other issues might be causing this
problem?  I'd very much like to resolve it for the client!


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This is most probably due to the fact that cached mode is not enabled on those clients. Cached mode must be enabled for Outlook spam handling to occur.
Sorry, you are running in cached mode
IMF itself must be allowed to determine the SCL level. Disable the GFI and test.
Also, in IMF there are two levels, one for the server and one for the client. What are those levels?
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Yes, I checked that.  One thing we haven't tried is moving the mailbox from one server to the other and/or exmerging out email from the account, removing the exchange attributes from AD then recreating and exmerging email back into the account.

If I have time over the weekend I'll do both and see if either fixes it. If not I guess I'll be opening a paid support incident with Microsoft on this.
I bet the GFI is the culprit. IMF itself is fully capable of handling spam. We've ben running it several years with 100% satisfaction.
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It might be.  All I can say is that I can see the SCL value of the email, it is 9 and the email is going directly into the inbox.  
The SCL is not set by IMF, it's set by GFI, not the same format/coding
IMF integrates with Outlook, GFI does not
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Right but Exchange moves email to the junk mail box based on SCL value, correct?
Not the same coding between GFI and Exchange, my guess is that Exchange (IMF) disregards handling of "tampered" messages. Thus disable GFI as a test and see how well IMF performs, GFI is not needed.
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I'll suggest this to the client and see what their thoughts are.  
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