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How do I change the "Managed Server" for Symantec using a .vbs script?

Our build process had resulted in machines pointing to the incorrect Symantec Server path.  We have now fixed that issue. We are  now testing a VB script to put in place that will modify the server name.  Our scipt has the following code:
set objFso=createObject("scripting.fileSystemObject")
set objWShell=wScript.createObject("WScript.Shell")


strFolder="c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Syamantec\Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition\7.5"
'copy the above file to listed folder which Symantec scans and this will change server path

if objFso.folderExists(strFolder) then
objFso.copyFile strFileToCopy,strFolder&"\",true
end if

This script is failing because it can not copy the string over because it does not recognize the path. I am thinking this is because Application Data is a hidden folder.

The question - What can we add to this script to get this file to copy over successfully?
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Wow..Do I lose points for this :)
It was because it was mispelled. Tks for your quick reply to this post!