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How do I seek past 3,618,340 records?

We have a custom File Viewing application, we've had it running fine for over 10 years (VB 6).  We received a file of 4,814,889 records the other day and the viewer bombs.  We can seek up to record 3,618,339, but if we move past that, we get a "seek error".  This program accesses flat text file, using SetFilePos to position the pointer, then a GET to get the record.  We arrive at the record position by multiplying the record length times the record number + the existion record position.

I would imagine it's a limitation with the file access capability in VB 6 (we're running on XP Pro).  Does anyone have a workaround (besides rewriting it)??  The variables holding the Record count, Record Length and Record position are all defined as Double.

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Write a utility to chop up the text file would be the simplest work-around in my view.
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Well, I remember solving this same problem in the past by referencing the VBA library and using the filestream objects, but I can't for the life of me find the library to reference.  Every time I try and replace the VBA reference with a more current one, I get an error "library in use"  or something along those lines.