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Error using schtasks scheduling a task

We have a program called Solomon installed on all desktops on our network. (about 60 desktops, all WinXP) We have an Active Directory domain with Microsoft 2003 servers.

We are upgrading Solomon in a few days and need to remove the Solomon client from all desktops before upgrading the server. We have a program that uninstalls Solomon for us but to save us from going to each desktop we would like to schedule the Solomon removal program to run at 3:00pm on Friday.

The command i am using to schedule the task is:

c:\> schtasks /create /S %computername% /U domain\pctech /P Password /RU domain\pctech /RP Password /SC once /ST 09:22:00 /SD 03/05/2008 /TN TestSolRmv /TR C:\PCTech_tools\SolomonRmv.exe

The error message is:

ERROR: passing the user credential on local connection

Domain\pctech is a domain user that has local admin rights

Thanks for your help!

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pctech has local admin right on the remote computer?  Are you running the schtasks command itself while under an account that has local admin on the remote computer?
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Yes pctech has local admin rights.
I am running the command from a login scrip. (Sorry i left that out)
Forgot to reply to part of the question; The local user may or may not have local admin rights.
Random guess...

schtasks /create /S %computername% /U domain\pctech /P Password /RU "SYSTEM" /SC once /ST 09:22:00 /SD 03/05/2008 /TN TestSolRmv /TR C:\PCTech_tools\SolomonRmv.exe
No luck mastoo.

I have a list of all the computer names. I could build a batch file that runs on my computer and creates the task on all the computers remotly. hoever when i try to do that to one of the computers i recive this error.

ERROR: Access Denied

Here is the command for that:

C:\>schtasks /create /S 8gwpv91 /U domain_here\pctech /P password_here /RU SYSTEM /SC once /ST 14:22:00 /SD 03/05/2008 /TN TestSolRmv /TR C:\ARI_PCTech\SolomonRmv.exe
Sorry I'm not going to be much help beyond guesses: not a local admin on that box, they've got a firewall, or the scheduler service on that box isn't running.
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