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Pass through authentication from Web client with Novell client 4.9x to MPS4

Hi everyone.
A Windows XP workstation with Novell Client 4.9, NDS being primary logon provider, member of AD domain (2003) as a secondary logon provider, with Citrix Web Client 8 trying to access an application on Metaframe Presentation Server 4.
ONLY Web client is installed on workstations; NO network neighborhood or full citrix client (and that's not changing).
We need to enable a pass-through authentication so that a user clicks on an app icon and gets logged in with domain credentials and gets access to the application right away. Currently we have Novell prompt coming up; checking "workstation only" and entering Windows domain credentials will bring the user to the application.
We need to bypass the Novell prompt; we had a workstation working that way (so we know it can be done); unfortunately the workstation was reimaged before we could find out how it was configured.
Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.
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There are two ways to do this.

1)  Use the provided pass-through features of Citrix to leverage the Novell client, and stop trying to defeat it, or
2)  Remove all vestiges of the Novell client and associated features from the Citrix server and web interface, and use the AD Domain credentials.

Is the Novell client installed on the Citrix PS4 server?
What are you using for web authentication?
How are your applications published on the PS4 server - as individual apps or as desktop?
Can you post your config.xml (with sensitive info masked?)
You need to yank off the Novell client (or disable the NWGINA on the client so that only the Microsoft login is available) on the Citrix server.
Hi Dave!  How's things?
Also, Dave - blast from the past:

"I thot I said that already."

See my comment, #2.  ;)
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