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what file extension does a powerpoint presentation have on a mac?

a studemnt brounght in his powerpoint presentation that he made on his mac to my pc lab.  what is the file extension on the powerpoint presentation file for macs?  cause i know that pc is .ppt.  
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that link is blocked by the firewall at my workplace

The website you are trying to access has been blocked by the Barracuda Web Filter because it is in the Game Playing category.
".ppt files are created and opened using Microsoft's PowerPoint application. PowerPoint is a presentation program and is mostly used for displaying digital slides during business/educational presentations and is also widely used for displaying picture slideshows received by email.

PowerPoint belongs to the Microsoft Office suite and is available for both the Windows and MAC OS operating systems. PowerPoint is now arguably the standard way of displaying slides, making the slide projector virtually redundant.

The .ppt file can contain a combination of text, pictures and even movies. These files are all held within the actual .ppt file, so you only have one file to distribute or receive. The .ppt file also holds information on how the presentation is displayed, such as the transition effects between slides.

PowerPoint also saves presentations in .pps (presentation), .pot (template) or .pptx (PowerPoint 2007).

There is no real difference between a .PPT and a .PPS file. You can even rename the extension and they'll still work. The difference lies in how PowerPoint treats the files, a .PPT file will instruct PowerPoint to open the file in 'edit mode' whereas a .PPS file indicates that the slideshow should be opened in 'Play mode'.
well i cant find a .ppt or any power point file in the folder.   does this mean anything to you index.apxl.gz     thats in the folder also,  it appears to be a compressed file,  when i extract it out comes a index.apxl    
that is a file for Mac's Keynote software...
you cannot play index.apxl in powerpoint on a PC. The student will need to EXPORT their presentation as a PPT.

"It's quite easy - open the presentation in Keynote, click on file, and down the list you will see "EXPORT". Click on that, it will give you an option, choose from .ppt from the list and presto, the Keynote file will appear in your documents file with 2 files, one will be Keynote and one will be .ppt."
you can try opening it in powerpoint...but i'm not too sure if it will work...
thank you should i start a new question if im going to ask about the kenote software?
did you try opening the file in PowerPoint?