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YTD calculation in MDX


I am trying to make an MDX query that calculates the YTD for current month.

My hierarchy is [Year-Quarter-Month-Day] but this query is only returning the same value for [YTD Amount] as [Amount] is giving,
Year         Quarter       Month              Amount       YTD Amount
2003            1              January             1,860            1,860
2003            1               February           2,291            2,291
2003             1              Martz                2,567             2,567

Any idea why this query is not calculating YTD?
WITH MEMBER [Measures].[YTD Amount] AS
PeriodsToDate([DATE].[Year-Quarter-Month-Day].[Month],[DATE].[Year-Quarter-Month-Day].currentMember), [Measures].[Amount]
    {[Measures].[Amount],[Measures].[YTD Amount]} ON COLUMNS,
    [DATE].[Year-Quarter-Month-Day].[Month] ON ROWS

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I should really also point out why your original MDX had problems...

PeriodsToDate needs to know which time attribute to aggregate up to. i.e do you want day to date, week to date, month to date or year to date.

In your YTD Amount member expression, you specified the first parameter as
This tells PeriodToDate function to return (and subsequently aggregate) all facts from the start of the month. (i.e. return a 'month to date' figure).

Consequently, if you change the fist parameter to
if would actually give you a YTD figure as you want. However, the built in YTD() function saves you the bother.

Hope this is clear enough - if not please shout...
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Thanks alot for the help, now I can go home from work extremely happy man :-)