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How do i create a separate backup EXEC network for backup traffic


We are using Backup Exec 11d. I am wanting to use the spare GIG NIC cards in our Windows 2003 servers for a separate backup network. I have a windows 2003 domain and our file server happens to be our PDC.  So far I have the physical backup network in place. I have all the cables ran into a gigabit switch and plugged into a spare GIG nics on each server to be backed up. I have assigned a static IP of 192.168.15.x on each of these nics. Our main network range is 192.168.1.x

I was planning on just changing the HOST file of the backup server to point to the  machine names at the static backup IP (i.e. 192.168.15.x) and then use backup exec to route its backups using the alternate nic card. However our backup server is on the domain so I am going to assume that this will cause the backup server to only use the backup network for its communications with the PDC. Im sure this will cause a lot of problems.

My questions is, how can I use a separate network (192.168.15.x) to run my backup traffic without affecting my domain traffic (192.168.1.x) and domain functionality for my backup server?

Note: I am still backing up servers on our WAN and that traffic needs to be routed in/out the 1.x network.


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Thanks honmapoq. I knew that was in there for that option but i thought you would have to do something onthe client machines as well... maybe with vxmon or something else. Anyway did what you said and then verifyed using netmon on the 15.x adaptor. Saw the traffic flowing in conjuntion with the backup job.